The Forgotten Children's Fund began bringing Christmas to deserving families in Pierce County Christmas of 1999 when a handful of dedicated volunteers took up the cause. That first year we delivered to over 120 children in 38 families. We now deliver to over 450 children in about 140 families each year!

The Forgotten Children’s Fund helps struggling families in Pierce County make Christmas brighter for their children. With the continued layoffs and economic setbacks, it appears that this could be another difficult holiday season for many families, and we are looking to you for support!

What we do…
- Find families trying to help themselves, but still in need
- Arrange for Santa & Elves to deliver wrapped gifts and food on Christmas Eve
- Provide new winter coat, blanket, food, and at least three new toys for each child

Who we are…
- A non-profit organization with no administrative costs
- A group that is supported 100% by volunteers
- Founded in 1976 in King County; expanded to Pierce County in 1999
- People who enjoy giving to others at this special time of year

How we’re doing…
- Over 150 volunteers deliver to over 450 children in 140 families each year
- Work closely with local agencies to find qualified, deserving families

How you can help…
- WE NEED YOU!!! Volunteer your time to this worthy cause
- Tax-deductible contribution
- Locating families who are not being helped by other organizations
- Donate and/or attend our annual fundraiser

 To see the sparkle in the eyes and the smile on the faces of children when Santa arrives bearing food, blankets, bikes and gifts is a wonderful experience. We hope you will join with us at this special time of year to make the season brighter.

If you would like to become a volunteer, or make a donation to help families in Pierce County, you can contact us at:

253-857-4619 (local county contact)

The Forgotten Children’s Fund

2602 South 38th Street #74

Tacoma, WA 98409

 “To believe in making wishes
and have faith they can come true,
To believe that you can find some joy
in everything you do,
To believe in giving gladly
for no reason, just because,
To believe in love . . . that’s what it means
to believe in Santa Claus.”

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